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Where Should I Go For Internship?

Whew! I’m now in my 5th semester, with 71 credits done out of 144. Easy, 73 to go with 19 credits for this semester, which means 54 left for the last three semesters, what a nice life!

But lately I heard numerous friends are buzzing around talking about internship.

What?! Internship? Oh man, I almost forgot to prepare that! (or at least think of it). As of the curriculum for electrical engineering student, it is required to take 8 weeks internship at engineering company.

Next year (2016) local companies will open for intership. But I interested to go abroad.

Few of my friends are planning to get internship at CERN. While the others are pursuing really-prestigious-multinational-engineering-company. Hmm, I’m not really sure where to go (and most importantly, get accepted for interning).

Well, it is still one semester left to prepare myself.


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